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What is it all about?

Do you know your data?

Before we speak about big data, how much do you control the data which has most value for you – YOUR data? It’s most likely scattered across your file server, your staff’s devices and the “cloud”. Some will be in excel sheets, others in on- or offline lists, and that’s not talking about your CMS, your CRM, etc. Do you know what they are, where they are and how, or even whether they interact?

Can you afford to lose it?

You shouldn’t leave it to luck! Whilst most intellectual property (IP) can be registered, trade secrets can’t. We’re talking lists of consumers, providers, business inteligence, etc. which you’ve collected over the years. Once this is out, it can be considered lost. And that’s not considering the data you don’t know about. If you don’t have a comprehensive strategy, it’s time to pick up the pieces.

Is it for me?

By now, you certainly know that rather than shrinking, you’re datasets will continue to expand exponentially. Take control of your data today and don’t be intimidated!  You don’t have to start big. We can work with the tools you feel most comfortable with and assist you along the road as you get ready to deploy a more comprehensive set of tools.

Get in control of your d8ta!

What's in it for you?

Here are some facts:

$ 31.5 bn
Yearly losses to Fortune 500 companies for failing to share knowledge!
174 papers
That's the equivalent amount of information you process every day!
20 %
Time your employees spend on average to retrieve information.